Due to recent Covid restrictions, wait times for service at the Queen’s Elder Law Clinic are longer than normal.  Thank you for your patience.


QELC assists seniors in Kingston and the surrounding communities who would otherwise have difficulty affording legal counsel. The QELC can only provide legal services to clients who cannot otherwise afford them.

To determine eligibility, the QELC asks prospective clients to complete an application form wherein they are asked to provide personal and financial information. All information provided to the QELC is held in strict confidence and shall not be disclosed to any third parties without your express consent.

Client application forms are available at the Queen’s Law Clinics office. Should you require assistance completing this form, please call 613-533-2102 to book an appointment.

QELC Application Form

The Queen’s Elder Law Clinic can only provide pro bono legal services to clients with limited budgets who could not otherwise afford legal services. While we provide a broad range of legal services, there are some matters with which we cannot assist clients.

This form will be kept strictly confidential, and will only be seen by the Director of QELC and the student caseworkers. It will be used solely to confirm whether it is appropriate for QELC to provide you with legal services. We reserve the right to request further financial disclosure.

For more information, you can reach the Elder Law Clinic at 613-533-2102, or email us at qelc@queensu.ca.

Client Information:

Access To Technological Recources

As a result of the recent Covid-19 Outbreak QELC has been pressed to adjust and adopt new ways to enable clinic staff to continue to provide its services to clients in a remote setting. This includes the use of audio-visual resources to communicate with clients via Video Conference, if available. Please take some time to answer each of the following questions regarding the availability of technological resources to you.

File Information:

i.e. if the client is a tenant, they might have a conflict with their landlord; if they're having financial trouble they might have a conflict with creditors or the bank, etc.

Financial Information:

Please provide detailed information. This information is strictly confidential.

House(s), cottage(s), rental property, land

How were you referred to our clinic?