The Queen’s Family Law Clinic (QFLC) helps people with low income who cannot afford a lawyer.

The QFLC is funded by Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) in partnership with the Queen’s University Faculty of Law, with additional support from the class of Law’81.

We’re here to help people with low income, including some who don’t qualify for assistance from Legal Aid. Contact us to discuss whether we can be of service to you.

In addition to applications, answers and conference briefs, QFLC student caseworkers welcome referrals for matters not normally covered by the LAO certificate program such as simple divorces, motions to change, motions for substituted service, affidavits for uncontested trial or other matters where student assistance may be helpful.

Student caseworkers work under the supervision of lawyers to provide services to low-income clientele including some who, for a number of reasons, may not be otherwise eligible for LAO assistance with Family Court matters.

The QFLC assists self-representing Family Court litigants by completing their documents, helping them navigate the Family Court process and referring them to other family justice resources. In addition to their work with Clinic clientele, QFLC student caseworkers attend Family Court throughout the year to facilitate client access to QFLC services and to assist LAO-funded duty counsel and advice counsel as they provide enhanced duty counsel services.

For credit students, work in the Clinic is part of their academic program, which includes assignments and a weekly class. With full-time summer caseworkers, the Clinic can provide year-round service to its clientele as well as an opportunity for a small number of students to have a more intensive work experience. The QFLC volunteer program provides educational opportunities, creates student-mentor relationships and increases service to Clinic clientele.