We provide free legal assistance to clients who believe they have been discriminated against in employment or housing, under the Ontario Human Rights Code. You may have been discriminated against because of your

  • Age
  • Ancestry, colour, race
  • Citizenship
  • Ethnic origin
  • Place of origin
  • Creed
  • Disability
  • Family status
  • Marital status (including single status)
  • Gender identity, gender expression
  • Receipt of public assistance (in housing only)
  • Record of offences (in employment only)
  • Sex (including pregnancy and breastfeeding)
  • Sexual orientation.

We will investigate your complaint, research the law and provide you with a legal opinion about the likelihood of success in an application to the Human Rights Tribunal. If appropriate, we will draft your application and represent you on it, at least through the mediation stage.

We do not defend against Human Rights complaints.